Sunday night, drinking bourbon, listening to Ellie Goulding remixes, and reading theology. Probably not a typical combination, but I’ll take it. 🥃🎵📖

I am blown away that SSH port forwarding works on iOS using Secure ShellFish! Talk about nerdy things that I never thought would be possible on iOS.

Yesterday I fixed the door latch on the 4Runner and greased the garage door opener, and both are working so much better now. It feels good to fix the small annoyances!

After family dinner night with Nana and Papa – whole family sitting around watching Paw Patrol with the boys 😂

“I want to be a rhinoceros mechanic.”
– Oliver (2.5yo)

(In the context of what he wants to be when he grows up.)

72F and sunny on St. Patrick’s Day – I feel like we should be serving tacos instead of corned beef!